Winter’s Country Road Run


When I'm out for a group road run and I start to fall behind, I sometimes feel like it is a metaphor for how I feel in life. After 2 major life events have left me feeling far removed from “where I should be”, at least as seen on T.V. (and society). By this age, I should have the house, b.m.w, cottage, and the 2.32 kids playing in the pool, right? I feel like I'm failing, I should be faster, I should be stronger, I should be richer?

I am slowly learning that it is ok to run my own run. To be happy with what I have accomplished so far, both in running and in life. To be amazed at what is around me and how quickly my pace has fallen over the past few years and how much I have grown.

The back roads of Grey Bruce do offer some of the most scenics countrysides that do bag to be painted and photographed. Maybe, if I stop less and take fewer pictures of the beautiful countryside, I might be able to keep up?

Winter's Shed was painted in the studio after a hike in December 2016 on 9 x 12 sheet of 140lb (300g/m2) Strathmore Watercolour Paper.

Please note computer monitors and the scanning process can shift the colours from the original. All attempts are made to as closely match the original. If you are not satified with the artwork within 30 days after pruchase a full refund will be given after artwork has been shipped back. Please contact me for to contact me Email

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