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A Cottage on McDonell Island, Little Lake

Over the last little while, I have been struggling to relearn who I am. I feel the events of the last few years, has caused me to lose what brought me joy and happiness, that part of me that is me. Instead, I was focusing on living what I thought was me, a falseness, I think created was created by a belief in the images our society shows constantly, the big house, cottage, cars, flashy new stuff, etc. As I shed this materialistic goal plus this belief I need this stuff to be happy and to enjoy working as an artist. I do find, I am feeling very discorded like I am going against the flow of the pack. Constantly reminding myself I don’t need the stuff marketers make us fear we need.

On Sunday, July 2, I turned 39. While I did not do anything major, a nice dinner with my parents, felt like life has dealt me one crappy hand of low offsuit cards as of late. But I am striving to play them in the best possible way the win, opening up the opportunities for success.

Saturday, July 1, at I was at the Flesherton Farmer’s Market selling my artwork and wood carvings. I met some amazing people. Their comments reminded why I am choosing to seek a path where I want to spend time connecting with people and sharing views from exploring my world. This opportunity has been one of the bests gifts I have received.

I feel very grateful and appreciative for all for the birthday wishes on Sunday. Thank You.

This past week, between the rain, I was able to get out for 2 outings. A hike at Hogg’s Falls. Even though I was dealing with some false ideas spinning violently in my head during that hike, I was able to create this sketch which helped me to relax and release those thoughts from my mind.

Hogg's Falls
Hogg’s Falls

11km paddle on Mclean Lake to Little Lake (Port Severn). This trip was a bit more paddling than art. The lake on that day was not as inspirational but did lead to the creation of 3 pieces, one which sold shortly after I posted the image. I also took a lot of photos.

A Cottage on McDonell Island, Little Lake
A Cottage on McDonell Island, Little Lake (SOLD)

Bridge Over Black River
Bridge Over Black River <click here for details>

Red Boat, Blue Barge
Red Boat, Blue Barge <click here for details>

I will be at the Orillia Farmer’s Market this Saturday! Come by and see my latest piece. See you there.

Art and the outdoors is very healing for me and I hope my art brings the same to you.

I am running a contest right now to win a piece of my art <click here> to find out more!

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